Conference Testimonial 4 month Program

In multiple programs with working professionals on both coasts of the United States, in Europe, Latin America and Asia, the results have been encouraging and exciting for everyone involved.

Fred Disque, Business Owner.

This is the only program that I know of which is designed to embody the practices that are necessary to work effectively in small groups. Most programs on leadership are given in the form of lectures and practices to apply, much like reading a book on how to ride a bicycle. This program gets you on the bike and let’s you see what works and what doesn’t. While the program focuses on small groups, the power of what is learned has a much broader impact and can be applied to increase effectiveness in many domains of life.

Tom Iglehart, Entrepreneur.

This course presents the opportunity to rapidly understand what is missing in your effectiveness in getting things done, and to practice what it takes to change that. The convenient format makes it possible to take new insights, ideas and practices into daily life while exploring new roles and capabilities in a safe yet challenging environment. As you become part of your virtual team, it becomes as real as those you might find in your work or community life, and serves as a wonderful laboratory for personal and professional development. Being in this course is also an uplifting experience. If you have ever had the chance to bond with others over a project, a mission or a sport, you will experience it again; if not, this is a great place to start.

Bob Rich, CEO.

The ability in a short time span to develop new nurturing patterns and supplant old, ineffective and damaging patterns is remarkable. Distinctions learned in the program provide a toolbox for building a life that is able to dance with the world of uncertainty and embrace it. Learning becomes a game of fun rather than a chore or an obligation. This allows for a velocity in learning that I had not known before.

John Hiles, College Professor.

This workshop focused on what limits the ability of our small groups and on how we can go past those limitations. Ironically it used a computer game based on fantasy to ground team interactions in reality. The real parts were the interactions of the team members: ineffective behavior was exposed, constructive and even inspired interactions were highlighted, captured, and discussed. The workshop brought about a transformation in the way my classmates and I approached small teams. You should give it a try — seriously (and playfully).

Ritu Raj, Entrepreneur

I found the course material and design of the program . . . coupled with an immersive playing environment to be very effective in teaching, and more importantly, experiencing, coordination at a very profound level.

Brian Mendelsohn, Regional Manager.

The WEST program has been extremely valuable in that it has opened up new ways of thinking about the world and the future through the use of an innovative, fun and exciting medium. The program has provided an environment where I have been able to build trust in a way that has allowed me to quickly build my personal and professional network. And, this program has jump-started my thinking on new offers to make in today's rapidly changing world. Rarely has an education program made such a difference while also being fun, engaging and extremely insightful.

Lois Steinberg, Health Advocacy Programs Director

I am amazed at what I have accomplished in this program. I would highly recommend this program to others whose work involves coordinating with others or team building. This is one of the most exciting educational programs I’ve ever been in. I learned how to manage teams and get the job done – the skills I needed to begin my next project.

Anne Miller, Managing Director, Executive Consultant

As part of the course, the participants immersed themselves in virtual game environment to perform team exercises, and I was able to experience first hand the power of such worlds to support our learning and community building. As I may have been the last person to even consider playing the kind of games we used in the course, or to truly recognize their usefulness, I am pleasantly surprised to find myself as an engaged member of a community of people that can use virtual worlds as vehicles to accelerate our ability to build trust and do valuable work together – even before we have met in person.

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