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Immersive Virtual Learning Laboratories: Effective Leadership & Teams

Organizational life is changing in fundamental ways and new skills are needed to successfully navigate these changes. In organizations, large and small, project teams are increasingly virtual, consisting of people based in dispersed geographical locations, from different cultural backgrounds, with different value systems. Command and control hierarchies in place since the Industrial Revolution are giving way to the networked enterprise, but all too often as organizations create diverse networks of ad-hoc project teams to maximize their resources and be more competitive, the benefits they expected to derive are disappointing or non-existent. Despite well intentioned vision and mission statements, role assignments and the declaration of milestones, organizations often find that their coordination costs have increased, their savings are not existent, their flexibility and customer responsiveness has been impaired, and management’s ability to lead is seriously undermined. The solution is not to turn back the clock, of course, and return to command and control hierarchies. If an organization is to successfully navigate today’s world, it must enable its workforce to become more effective in the way they work together to get things done that are important for the organization. More specifically, members of an organization must learn new abilities that will enable them to:

  • Coordinate action and commitments in Pluralistic Networks-- networks that include people we don’t know, from different generations, country or culture, who may or may not share our concerns, values or beliefs, but with whom we collaborate to take care of our shared concerns.
  • Build and cultivate trust among their teams, other colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Listen to opportunities for creating value together.
  • Cope and act with leadership in an era of constant change.
  • The good news is that all of these abilities can be learned. We have spent over 25 years, working with individuals and organizations, producing measurable bottom line results, by developing precisely these abilities for our clients (See more: Wall Street Journal, Wired, CQM Journal, PatrimonioHoy). Another piece of good news is that today’s networked technologies allow us to teach our clients new skills much faster than ever before. As part of our work, we use virtual reality multi-player games as a background environments for people to immerse themselves in real team work, observe each other in action, test new practices, experience and resolve problems as they arise, and recurrently practice the theoretical distinctions that we introduce to them at various points in the program. We have found these games to be excellent simulators of organizational life today: They are diverse, multicultural, competitive, multi-generational and extremely demanding as things constantly occur in a game that we do not expect and that require us to collaborate with others to resolve.

    Our Offer

    By combining a rich theoretical framework with virtual reality game environments, we have developed a hands on Immersive Virtual Learning Laboratory that facilitates the accelerated learning of the skills required to successfully work in a pluralistic, networked world. In a nutshell, by creating an environment that mandates a high level of engagement and involvement from participants, within a short time frame, our clients begin to acquire new abilities that allow them to build stronger, more committed and intimate teams, that together, can begin to deliver results that had evaded them in the past. If you are interested in having a few people from your company participate in this learning program, we recommend that you sign up for Working Effectively in Small Teams program. However, if you are interested in having a larger group participate, we can design a custom engagement to take into account your particular concerns and objectives. Our basic program lasts 6 - 8 weeks, depending on people’s availability, and is designed to teach participants in action new ways for working more effectively together. Our program in not a workshop, or an off-site retreat to build team morale. We offer an on-going, hands on, highly interactive program designed to enable our clients to develop strong teams, and each program participant to become more effective team players, whether they play a leadership or supporting role.

    Our Promise

    At the end of the program, participants will assess themselves and other members of their teams as significantly improving their ability to:

  • Coordinate action and commitments with each other in such a manner that allows them to effectively participate, build and lead their teams to success.
  • Build and cultivate trust with each other; Make assessments to each other for the sake of producing value together.
  • Observe their mood, and the mood of other team members, and better cope with changing concerns and circumstances.
  • Learn new skills and transfer their learning to real work projects.
  • We look forward to working with you and to helping you achieve the results you aim to achieve.

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    Client Testimonials

    Cengage Learning is one of the three largest higher education publishers in the world, producing a variety of print and digital textbooks, homework solutions and courseware. My team is responsible the actual production of those products and is geographically dispersed in over 10 locations internationally. Because we do not see each other very often, effective communication can be a challenge, but extremely critical to successfully working together. Over the course of the first two months we participated in this program, we found it to be a very effective way for the individuals in the leadership team to learn together, and improve the productivity, coordination skills, and overall satisfaction of each person. We also learned the importance of managing moods and that the ability to do this remotely must be continuously practiced. I recommend this program to any team that wants an effective, enjoyable way to develop its leadership and team building skills. Ken Brooks, SVP Global Production and Manufacturing Services, Cengage Learning

    I am CEO of a tech firm that grew this year from 100 to 200 employees. Most of my senior team participated in Working Effectively in Small Teams (WEST). After the prgram, we are exchanging candid feedback more skillfully and with less hesitation. Our conversations more often lead to concrete action.
    We are moving faster together. I think WEST has impacted our performance more than almost any other undertaking this year. I have renewed confidence that my team can grow our business even faster.

    Dan Hoffman, CEO

    Design and development Tinca