Heidegger Intensive

We would like to invite you to a unique opportunity to participate in the beauty and the joy of thinking. To be able to think is not a matter of providing arguments or grounding for opinions you hold; in fact, to participate in thinking is to go beyond the realm of knowledge. Thinking is the exercise of sensibilities; sensibilities for engaging with the world and with other human beings; sensibilities for dealing with grace and wisdom with the contingencies of life and with what is emerging on the horizon of the future.

Ambassador of Possibilities: A New Orientation to Sales

We live in a world of evolving possibilities, but we often become trapped and fail to see possibilities that are available or that are emerging around us.  An Ambassador of Possibilities ™ is someone who is able to expand their clients’ ability to discover new possibilities for themselves.  He or she actively cultivates his or her mood to be in a mood of exploration about the future that is coming.  He or she projects the identity of someone who is engaged in conversations about the future, and brings his or her clients to participate in those conversations so as to enabl

Working Effectively in Small Teams: 4 Month Immersive Virtual Reality Learning Program


Come join our Virtual Learning Laboratory where you will learn skills that will enable you to become more effective in the way you collaborate with other people, be it in teams of two, three or more, with colleagues down the hall, or from across the world.

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