Individuals and Teams

Thriving in today’s environment challenges the seasoned senior executive and the new entrepreneur alike. Paradoxically, as our access to information and web-enabled networks grows, and our capacity to connect to other people expands like never before, many of us feel disconnected and lost as we seek to invent and re-invent ourselves in the world with others. For many people, anxiety about the future and lack of confidence about the challenge of adding value in a constantly changing world are a constant preoccupation. Globalization, the rapid-rise of developing countries like China and India, the worldwide financial crisis and the decline of the traditional career form the backdrop of daily life. To cope and thrive in today’s world, we must cultivate new skills and ways of being. We must acquire essential social tools to articulate and re-articulate our identities, build our reputations, develop new offers, and collaborate with other people in a networked world, where many may not belong to our organization, country or culture.

A New Kind of Education

These skills, practices and sensibilities are not trivial and require us to modify the way we have been interacting and working with others for many years. Fortunately, however, the abilities required to flourish in today’s world can be learned, facilitated by some of the same technologies that have brought such abrupt change to contemporary society: ubiquitous global communications, social networking sites and virtual environments. For more than 25 years, members of our team have provided some of the world’s largest companies with training to improve coordination within teams, to build trust across value chains and to innovate by taking care of the concerns of their customers and other stakeholders. Some of our engagements have been completed in a few months; others have taken much longer. Building on our research over the past two years, we now can use the new technologies to very quickly teach people the skills necessary to thrive in today’s world. Consequently, we have developed a program that prepares participants to prosper in globally dispersed, multicultural and multidisciplinary work groups, and to master what we call The Orchestration of Commitments in Pluralistic Networks.

Embodied Learning

Our curriculum combines the use of a virtual environment with our proven methodology for helping people and organizations become more cohesive, more productive and more resilient to a world of work that is ever in flux. We have created a powerful social laboratory for rapidly developing the embodied learning of skills that are critical to succeeding in pluralistic networks -- groups composed of diverse people with different backgrounds and concerns who come together and make commitments to each other as they work to achieve a common purpose. We use a virtual reality multi-player game as an interactive learning environment where people can immerse themselves in real team work; observe each other in action; resolve problems as they arise, and practice the new distinctions that we introduce to them throughout our work together. Learn More: 4 Month On-line Program: Working Effectively in Teams

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