David Hassell, CEO

I participated in Fernando Flores's WEST program over the summer of 2011.  Through prior study, I had already become familiar with the distinctions taught regarding conversations for action, and had learned all of the theory and philosophy behind them.  However I assessed I had yet to embody this learning in a way that had me show up as an effective participant and leader of small teams.

By using a virtual world and creating a structure where we could immediately put these distinctions and learning into action, complete with real scenarios and emotions that go along with it, I was able to dramatically increase my self-awareness and skill in operating in small teams.  Many other programs I've participated in give you the theory, but leave it to you to apply what you've learned in the real world, complete with all of the risks and consequences that come along with acting as a beginner in situations that matter.  With WEST, we were able to practice our learning in a safe environment that was realistic enough to product real learning, but where real-life consequences were minimized.

I strongly recommend this program to any individual or team that wants to increase their effectiveness at producing competitive outcomes in a world that's moving increasingly faster, and that requires us to coordinate more and more with people who do not share our specific cultural backgrounds and values.


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